4 Ways The Dove Agency Helps Streamline Procurement Operations

Let Us Help You Streamline Your Procurement Operations

When it comes to procurement at The Dove Agency, we have mastered a streamlined approach to give every order the attention it deserves. Before we get into the nitty gritty behind what we do and our process, here is a story that explains the importance of ALL-things procurement.

In my very last design project as a designer, my partner and I were working on a vacation home in Montana and had a great deal of upholstery from a small manufacturer in North Carolina. Experience with this particular vendor left us confident that everything would arrive as agreed to and therefore, in our busyness we pushed the full tracking and expediting of those items to the back burner. Prior to installation day we made a single phone call to the receiver to ensure a sofa and 8 chairs had arrived “in the warehouse.” Install day came, the team was flown into Montana from Dallas, the trucks arrived on time…and there was no upholstery in sight. There was a sofa and 8 chairs… for the outdoor patio that was not supposed have arrived prior to install. Panic set in as we frantically began tracking the items just to find out a day later that yes, they had been received at the warehouse… at the original destination. As we looked further into the matter, we discovered the truck driver had picked up our items from the original destination for delivery and mid journey to Montana learned his company does not go to that state. The driver returned our items back to the original destination and left it on the loading dock with a warehouse employee who signed the bill of landing. The items then fell into the dark abyss of unknown items at the warehouse. Meanwhile… we are in the middle of an install with no upholstery, a family ready to enjoy their new home and fantastic outdoor furniture in the middle of winter. LESSON LEARNED. It was at that moment we realized there are no shortcuts in tracking and expediting regardless of how well you know the manufacturer or how reliable your past experiences have been.

Our Procurement Process 

At The Dove Agency, we have a very specific boutique approach to procurement and take pride in our clients knowing we will represent their firms and their vendor relationships. All procurement is done under each individual designer’s trade account where we oversee every step from start to finish including ordering, payment, tracking, expediting and processing damage claims.

1) Placing the order: Once you have found that perfect piece for your project, placing the order is exciting and easy! This is where many designers we talk to stop and pray to the design lords it shows up on time to the receiving warehouse, but our team will take it from here.

2) Shipping/Receiving/Delivery Fees: Stop eating these fees! With multiple projects in the works and endless orders for each one, it’s easy for small charges hitting your credit card to get lost along the way. We make sure ALL costs related to your purchases are credited to the associated items purchased for your Client.

3) Tracking/Expediting: Every step of the way! From the original destination to the final receiving warehouse we know where your items are and make sure you do not have any installation surprises due to missing inventory. We look at every client’s list of items ordered, track shipment dates and expedite to install dates to ensure your order is there when you need it. We work with the receiving warehouse to confirm with pictures the correct items are ready for install and there are no damages to be addressed.

4) Damage Claims: They happen, and as every designer knows... they happen often. Our team deals with vendors and receiving warehouses to track down the source and we provide our clients with options and cost for repair.

We know that you are capable of procuring your orders, we just don’t think you should have to. Our approach will give you the opportunity to do what you do best, design! Give us a call if you want to learn more about our services.