Fanatical for Botanicals

Fanatical for Botanicals

We are absolutely fanatical for botanicals. Anybody else? We have talked to numerous designers and have heard this growing trend is here to stay, and our Instagram feed affirms it! Designers are showcasing our desire to reconnect with the great outdoors, and it's evident in large potted plants, wallpaper prints, fabric patterns, tableware, and home accessories.  Nature is spilling over in our homes, blurring the lines between interior and exterior design in a surprisingly refreshing way. With all the vibrant colors and stunning leaves, we are giddy for green and bet you are too!

At The Dove Agency, we work to incorporate a little "plant life" in our clients' firms with focused financial and marketing strategies rooted in growth. 

"Our clients' financial information is not merely gathered to report on the past or to satisfy the necessary tax requirements, it is structured to capture information that will help our clients make better business decisions and allow us to make recommendations for their firms' growth.  This is accomplished as we move through the year together, comparing actual results with forecasted growth goals."   Andrea Goodrich, CPA of Strength in Numbers and Financial Strategies Collaborator with The Dove Agency 

We'd love to show you our green thumb in the interior design and homebuilding industries! With carefully assessed financial reports and comprehensive business counseling, we offer a powerful way to grow your firm.  Add targeted marketing efforts, strategic content development, and branding designed to establish your presence in the market and, well, your firm is sure to flourish. Our growth strategies may not be as pretty as your client's new fiddle leaf fig, but they do add a whole lot more "green" to your pocket. Want real growth in your firm? Let's get started!

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