Five Reasons Why You Should Blog

Five Reasons Why You Should Blog

We are often asked by clients if our blogging services are essential to their growth strategies, and our answer is an unequivocal yes. Here are five reasons why you should blog:

1. Blogs Increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines love fresh content. When you blog consistently, you give Google and other search engines new content to index, increasing your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS). Statistics show websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than those without.

2. Blogs Establish You as an Authority

Blogging gives you a voice and establishes you as an authority. When you provide expert information in a blog, you build trust—and clout. Over time, you become a valuable resource for site visitors, gaining credibility and building higher client conversion rates.

3. Blogs Build Your Brand

Blogs allows you to connect with your audience in a personal way, giving readers a peek behind the curtain. Your clients love your behind-the-scenes posts, installation day stories, and big reveals because they want to see how you make the magic happen. Blogging gives your clients the story behind those pretty pictures and invites them into what makes you so uniquely talented. 

4. Blogs Share Well with Others

When you publish high-quality content on your blog, it supports your social media initiatives, provides content for email newsletters, and is easily shareable by your followers. Free marketing, anyone? Yes, please! 

5. Blogs Improve Conversion Rates

An active blog signals that your website is alive and well, loved and maintained. This is why blogs need to be published on a regular basis, building brand loyalty and improving conversion rates. Overall, ROI is also more likely to increase for companies who blog with compounding blog posts.

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