Our Story

Our Story

Written by, Beth Bender

Welcome to our blog at The Dove Agency, where we happily invite you behind-the-scenes for a glimpse of how we provide seamless back-office operations for interior designers, artists and homebuilding firms just like yours.  We believe in a strategic approach to the financial metrics and focused marketing your growing firm needs; and it is our privilege to share this approach, our services and our story with you here on our blog. So, grab a cup of coffee and read on; today, we are talking about dairy farms, wingbeats and why The Dove Agency is your new best friend!

My Co-founder, Kenda Lister, and I have been close friends since our children were in elementary school together, and we are living proof you can absolutely mix business with pleasure. Kenda and I have similar families, shared values and a common faith; but we are opposites in nearly every other way. Kenda grew up on a dairy farm, milking cows in East Texas and graduated from Texas A&M (Whoop!) with a degree in Accounting; while I'm a Dallas girl, daughter of an interior designer mom and homebuilder dad, who graduated from Vanderbilt with a degree in Human and Organizational Development. Brunette, blonde. Country, city. Numbers, colors. You see it, right? She is the yin to my yang, the feng to my shui.

So how—and more importantly, why—did we create The Dove Agency?

As an interior designer with my own small firm of nearly 20 years, I found myself sinking beneath the weight of back-office demands. Kenda came in with her bookkeeping expertise and streamlined my ordering processes and financials using leading software for the Interior Design Industry. What she gave me was a well-oiled machine and time to do what I loved most: design. We learned a great deal in those years together and decided to launch a company, providing interior designers and homebuilders all the best resources in one group. I retired from interior design; and together, we formed The Dove Agency. Although, it wasn't always called The Dove Agency, Kenda would very much like you to know. I kept suggesting bird metaphors and landed on Wingbeat. I was outvoted by one. We decided, instead, on The Dove Agency (Design Operations Vendor Engagement) and titled our blog page, Wingbeat (Yay!); we are here to help you take flight! OK, enough bird metaphors.

The Dove Agency gives interior designers, artists and homebuilders the freedom to focus on the creative and construction processes while a team, who understands how to deal with industry-specific demands, handles your back-office responsibilities. We have decades of industry-experience, a highly-trained team and a superior standard of service you simply cannot find anywhere. What our team is doing is fresh, innovative, strategic and relevant; and what we deliver just might make us your new best friend.

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